Educational Institutions

Cleaners, Disinfectants and Floor Care Chemicals used for Education - Schools, Colleges, Universities, Day Care Centers and Churches Clean, healthy schools provide students with a safe place to learn and grow. Eco+ high performance cleaning products and solutions improve the overall cleanliness and appearance level of institutions and reduce health risks to students, staff and visitors. Eco + disinfectants create healthy learning environments and reduced absenteeism for students and staff. Our product solutions cover key rooms and areas such as…

  • High touch areas
  • Restrooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Grounds & Operations
  • Classrooms
  • Floors
  • Food Service
  • Entrances &hallyways


Liquid detergent

Liquid detergent has been especially formulated for both industrial and household use. This versatile formula will remove dirt and most stains in the wash. This is a low foam formula that is suitable for top loading and front loading washing machines, as well as hand washing. Liquid Laundry is suitable as an economical everyday detergent and does not contain any perfumes which often cause irritations to sensitive skin.

Fabric Softener

This concentrated fabric softener is used for laundry rinse cycles. It is a softener, which when added to the final rinse cycle of the washing machine, greatly adds to the feel, smell and life of all fabrics. Fabric Softener reduces drying time and helps to eliminate static cling and makes ironing easier leaving fabrics with a fresh linen scent.

Liquid Starch

Liquid starch is a shining formula of the product to keep ensures that clothes retain the crisp feel and a sparkling appeal; it is specially formulated to maintain the clothes at their crisp and shining best. It is suitable for clothes of all fabric type and colours. Liquid fabric starch helps to provide the stiffness for that crisp look without the white patches and bad odour commonly associated with starch. It gives that special sheen to clothes, making them as good as new - offering premium quality and utmost care for your laundry.


To decrease or cancel the chance of infection is necessary in the hospital cleaning that the environmental surfaces and equipment with which the patient is placed in contact are subjected to strict cleaning procedures, cleaning and sanitation. Eco + offers products for disinfection and hospital cleaning, operating rooms, toilets, rooms and wards and deep cleaning, sanitizing in all healthcare settings. Our products help eliminate soil surface and the deeper the purpose of eliminating bacteria and viruses, with particular attention to the departments.

Eco + offers a full line of exceptional sanitation and maintenance solutions for the hospitality industry. Our comprehensive cleaning solutions helps manage all aspects of any hospitalitywith maximum efficiency and increased safety for guests and staff.

  • High performance cleaners, disinfectants and sanitizers
  • Safe, healthy work environment for hospitality staff
  • Economical

Housekeeping has tasks that can make guest feel comfortable during their stay in Hotel. Housekeeping department ensure the cleanliness and hygiene in all hotel areas. ... Housekeeping department has function to clean guestrooms and public areas. Housekeeping is responsible to keep bed and mattresses comfortable.